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Learning to kiteboard is a journey, and it should be enjoyed each step of the way with patience and understanding that your teaching yourself how to do something completely new, and totally awesome! It is not recommended to take this journey alone, and we can guarantee a much easier learning curve in a safe environment with proper instruction. All instructors at Lake Erie Kiteboarding are certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization. IKO is the leader in teaching standards and a highly respected organization in the kiteboarding community. Come and learn with us, and we can assure that quality and safety come hand and hand with an amazing experience!


INTRO TO KITEBOARDING a 2 hour, land based lesson covering wind, trainer kite flying, set up and safety of a 4-line kite, and first piloting.

BEGINNER lessons continue with piloting of a 4-line kite, control and safety, launching, landing, body dragging, water re-launching, and self-rescue, right up to the water start.

INTERMEDIATE lessons continue with riding in both directions, board control, up-wind riding, and your first jumps!

ADVANCED lessons are also available including your first rolls, kite-loops and handle-passes. We also offer…

SUPERVISION rates for kiteboarders who have their own gear and completed lessons, but still need support, including launching, landing ,walking up-wind or downwind boat rescue.

RENTALS are available with proof the student is an IKO level 3N kiteboarder, or a lesson is required to certify student’s level and will include a certified membership card. Rentals can only be used on location at Lake Erie Kiteboarding.


All lessons take place at the mouth of Big Sister Creek at Bennett Beach in Angola, NY.  Bennett Beach is a great location because of the vast amount of space on the beach and the shallow, sandy bottom in the water. Launching, landing and practice take place downwind from the general public and swim zone. While further upwind, is some of the best wave riding Lake Erie has to offer, for independent kiteboarders who are looking to come and visit our spot. 

       The ideal wind conditions are at least a 12knot (15mph) wind speed in any of the following directions:  SW, WSW, W or NW.  Kiteboarding is only safe to practice if the wind is blowing onto the shoreline from over a large distance of water, also known as ‘fetch’. Any slight offshore wind direction, especially in our location, is no good for kiteboarding, and these directions include any: SSW, S, SE, E, or NE.


The following rates are per/hour, per/student and include all equipment: (kite, bar, board, harness, floatation vest, booties and HEADZONE RADIO HELMET.)

-Intro to Kiteboarding (2hr Ground Lesson): up to 4 students, 2 kites, 1 instructor:  $99

-Beginner and Intermediate Water Lessons (Radio Helmet): up to 2 students, 2 kites, 1 instructor:  $100/hr

-PWC assisted Private: 1 student, 1 kite, 1 instructor on PWC:  $125/hr

-Supervision/Rescue:  $25/day


(kite, bar, harness, impact vest, helmet, board):  $100/day

(kite,bar):  $75/day

(board):  $25/day

(any~harness, impact vest, helmet):  $10/day